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We connect your chargers to drivers and handle the payments. At no cost.

Get your chargers online in minutes with Tap Electric and start getting paid instantly.

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Supercharge your business

  • online within one minute
    Ultrafast onboarding
    Get chargers online within one minute. Step-by-step instructions in the app help make commissioning easier than ever.
  • tariffs and access for each location
    Complete control
    Easily set your own tariffs and access for each location. Tap gives you the control and the transparency that you need.
  • management at scale
    At scale and on-the-go
    Use our web portal for easy management of chargers at scale, or open the app for management on-the-go.
  • flexible payout
    Flexible pay-out options
    Payments can go directly in your pocket, or be split between installer, operator or owner automatically each month.
  • streamlined processes
    Streamlined business model
    Tap Electric does not charge any startup or monthly licence fees. We charge a service fee to the driver, and that's it.

Got chargers?

We've got you covered.
  • For Installers

    Office, retail, apartment blocks or street parking - we've got you covered.

    Super simple onboarding means that you can have each charger online within one minute. Tap offers flexible, automated pay-outs to fit any business model, meaning you can collect and reimburse payments from and to any party with zero hassle.

    Get started for free
  • For Operators

    Push down your operating costs with a no-fee platform and automated maintenance.

    Automated charger maintenance resolves most faults without involving you. If a fault cannot be resolved automatically, we send you an automatic notification to ensure maximum uptime.

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  • For the Hospitality industry

    Your old parking lot is now new revenue.

    Easily connect your charger in the app within one minute, and manage access and payments however you like. Let your staff charge for free while guests pay your preferred tariff, and you get paid out every month.

    Get started for free
  • For Airbnb hosts

    Invest in a charger for your guests and reap the rewards.

    You decide what you earn per kWh or session and set that yourself in the app, and you decide who gets access to the charger and who does not. Get paid out every month based on the tariff you set with no added fees.

    Download a printable manual for your guests Get started for free
Location, location, location.
  • house icon


    Owners offer their chargers to and collect payments from neighbours.
  • apartment icon


    Chargers are all hooked up to the landlord's connection? No problem, we make sure tenants pay their share automatically.
  • retail store icon

    Retail & Hospitality

    Owners set access rights and let their staff charge for free, and can keep or split profits with operators any way they choose.
  • building icon


    Owners set access rights and let their staff charge for free, and can keep or split profits with operators any way they choose.
  • road icon

    On Street

    Chargers are open to the public and can pay via Tap or their preferred service provider. Operators are paid out monthly.

Drivers love Tap Electric

  • flexible payments
    Intuitive UX
    Begin charging with one tap after opening the app. Easily find vetted chargers in the map.
  • flexible payments
    Smart notifications
    Get notified when your car is full. Ask us to ping you when a charger becomes available.
  • flexible payments
    AI-powered predictions
    We filter out unreliable chargers so you always arrive at a working one. Get predictions on when your destination charger might be available.
  • flexible payments
    Community messaging
    Converse with your neighbours to help make the best use of a charger. Create a chat group on a charger on message peer-to-peer.
  • flexible payments
    Convenient security
    Subscribers get a Tapkey linked to their preferred payment method. The Tapkey has optional 2 factor authentication for added security.
  • flexible payments
    Clear, fair pricing
    Prices are clearly listed then calculated real-time throughout the session, with an option to stop at a max price.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • You can use any charger that is OCPP 1.6J compatible, which you can verify in the manufacturer's documentation. Tap Electric has an integration with Easee that makes onboarding extra simple for Easee chargers, but other chargers also work just fine. If you are having any problems onboarding a charger, reach out to [email protected] and we are happy to help.
  • No, you are free to come or go as you choose.
  • No, there is no onboarding fee. You can start for free, today.
  • It does not cost you a thing! Tap Electric adds a service fee to the driver, and never charges any fees to the owner. This service fee starts at 10% for pay-as-you-go drivers, and if they subscribe to Tap Electric goes down to 0% depending on which subscription they choose. So, you get paid the tariff that you set in the app, and the driver pays the rate we show them in the app before the session starts. It's clear for everyone and we don't add any unnecessary costs in the chain - fair is fair!
  • First, set up your charger management account in the app or web portal (you cannot do this in guest mode). Then simply add your chargers, set your tariff preferences, and start getting paid monthly.
  • Yes, this is possible. Please send an email to [email protected] for more details.
  • Yes, this is possible. On each site, admins can make 'Location Groups'. Each group can have one or more users and a special tariff. You can make as many location groups as you want, each with their own or the default tariff.
  • Yes, this is possible. Your customer should set up and be the owner of the Charger Management account in this case.
  • Yes, this is possible. You can create a Connected Account for your customer, and set a Service Plan for that account. The service plan dictates how much you charge your customer for your service. Both you and your customer can link your bank account via Stripe, and all payouts are handled automatically each month.
  • No, you are free to come or go as you choose. Our standard Terms & Conditions apply.
  • Yes, this is possible. Each Account can create Driver Groups. On each site, admins can set a tariff per Driver Group.
  • Yes, this is possible. You can create a Connected Account for your customer without setting a Service Plan for them. All revenues will automatically be paid out to the Connected Account
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